Window Tinting Facts

Solar Knights (214) 707-2771 Window Tinting Rockwall, Rowlett, Terrell, Forney, Kaufman County, Corsicana, Palestine, Athens, Canton etc. 28 years exp. Highest quality. We also provide quality commercial window tinting and residential window tinting.

Professional window tinting takes much patience and precision. Also, a reasonable amount of speed is desirable.  The standard types of window tint services are home, commercial and auto window tinting. We provide all 3.

There are several different types of films and brands available. Window tint products are similar to many other products in the world today: high quality, less expensive, more practical, etc. As with other products, the price for window tint installation is usually in ratio with the quality provided. Years experience in the field, along with the type of tint and brand name are usually determining factors for pricing.

In your car, at home or in the business, window films provide a wide range of benefits:

AAA Window Tinting •Protection from harmful ultraviolet rays
•Up to 30% energy savings
•Protection from flying glass
•Deterrent against break-ins
•Enhanced look and/or privacy
•Increased interior comfort


With today’s economy, cooling prices are going up. Window tint reduces heat in your home or office from 29% up to 85%. Of course, this depends on the type of window tint chosen. By installing tint to your windows you’ll also be reducing the use of your A/C unit, and lowering the monthly electric bill. Window tint products pay for themselves over time.

Exposure of the sun can increase the chance of getting skin cancer. Our window tint blocks 99% of the UV rays. This will not only protect you and your family, but it will also protect your home or business interior. Carpeting, wood floors, furniture and electronics can all be damaged by the sun’s heat.

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